Mr. Bean
Director of Love & Compassion

Mr. Bean sits with the Ronald McDonald statue outside of the Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City keeps families close to their sick children being treated for their life-threatening illnesses. This is made possible through caring staff members, volunteers, donations, support, love and compassion. However, one caregiver in particular provides a sense of home like nothing else. He is patient, loving, and happy. His name is Mr. Bean and he is the charity’s Director of Love and Compassion.

Mr. Bean’s story of adoption from Wayside Waifs is told in a wonderful children’s book, Mr. Bean: The Rule Breaking Pup and the House Full of Love. To buy a copy of the book and support our mission, click here!

Since families cannot bring their pets with them during their stay, Mr. Bean, a Cairn Terrier/West Highland mix, was generously donated as a gift to the House by Wayside Waifs. Since then he has given support, playfulness, laughter, and plenty of cuddle sessions to anyone who crosses his path. Although just a young dog, Mr. Bean has already become a professional cheer-giver for everyone living and working in the House.

A typical day in Mr. Bean’s world is made up of playing with kids, napping, listening to troubles, getting his head scratched and visiting people all around the House. He stays healthy and fed thanks to the generous support of Wayside Waifs, Harold Melcher (Mr. Bean’s Godfather) and the Davis family.

In times of heartache and stress, any second of relief can lift a thousand burdens allowing those in pain to simply breathe. Mr. Bean is, of course, innocent to know the power of his presence, but he has given these moments countless times for children and their families. His gift is something no doctor, medicine, or treatment can offer putting a feeling of home into the House.

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All donations made in Mr. Bean’s honor will go directly to support our programs.