Reichel twins

Brenden and Braxton Reichel were born in July of 2021. Braxton had complications after birth – so serious he was treated in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Since the family is from Alexander, Kansas, Rebecca and Brenden and family checked into the Ronald McDonald House across the street from Children’s Mercy Kansas City. They were able to be steps from Braxton, so Brenden could spend time with him to help him heal. Braxton’s complications were intense, so the family stayed with us for 292 nights before they checked out to go home. Unfortunately, Braxton has since passed away. Rebecca will always hold a place for the Ronald McDonald House in her heart.

“You’ve changed our hearts to have someone there when I really needed it. You all changed my heart forever for the good,” said Rebecca.

She tells Brenden every day about his brother, wishing they had a longer earthly connection. “If you ask Brenden where his brother is, he will say heaven or the moon,” Rebecca said.