Stay With Us

We welcome you and your family with comfort and support.

Who can stay at the Houses?

To qualify to stay, families should meet all of these requirements:

  1. Families of a patient(s) who is 21 years or younger.
  2. Patient is receiving pediatric treatment at a Kansas City metro area hospital.
  3. Priority is given to families who live more than 35 miles from the facility where they are receiving pediatric care.

Families and/or members of their guest party are NOT eligible to stay if they have one (1) or all of the following: 

  1. Currently have an open case and/or are under investigation by law enforcement or any state child protection division for child abuse and/or neglect.
  2. Listed on the National Sex Offender Registry (IDs will be scanned upon arrival).
  3. Convicted of or are currently facing charges for a felony or a violent criminal offense.

Without exception, no individual with a criminal history of violence, sexual misconduct, or abuse of a child is eligible to stay at the House. Generally, any person with a felony conviction will not be eligible, but individuals may apply for an exception by submitting THIS FORM after a referral request has been submitted.

Just visiting us during the day?

Wylie House

Any family with a child hospitalized at CMH, or receiving outpatient care through CMH, may visit the Ronald McDonald House (Wylie House) located at 2525 Cherry for a Day Visit.

These visits are available between 8 am and 8 pm and include the opportunity to relax in the common spaces, use the play areas, and access the free laundry services.

No reservation is required, CMH standards apply in terms of contagious illness and isolation status, and guests must check in with a photo ID.

What is provided during your stay at the Ronald McDonald House:

  • One private room, per patient, with up to 6 guests per room
  • Roll-away cots, cribs, or bassinets are available upon request
  • Private bath and shower in each guest room
  • Kitchen with complimentary snacks and meals provided by the community
  • Complimentary laundry and recreational facilities
  • TV lounge areas, reading nooks, and outdoor spaces 
  • Off-street parking
  • Computer access and free WiFi

All guests and visitors must also agree to the following statement outlined in the RMHC-KC Condition of Stay Guidelines: “RMHC-KC is committed to providing an inclusive and safe environment for everyone. Therefore, all people on our properties (guest families, visitors, volunteers, staff, vendors, and donors) are expected to act with respect and kindness to all other people at RMHC-KC at all times. Every person is welcome here, and unkind behaviors are not.”