Wrenley’s Heart Journey

Wrenley was born on February 9, 2023. She was a sweet, virtually healthy little girl, but after three months she started losing weight. Her parents, Jordin and Nate saw several specialists that couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t gaining, so they were sent to Children’s Mercy. She was diagnosed with left-sided hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, but they were hoping to fix it with medication and went home.

The next day, Wrenley’s breathing changed, and she was readmitted and sedated. Her condition was serious enough that she was placed on a ventilator and ECMO machine to help her heart and lungs. She was not leaving the hospital, and Jordin wanted to stay close – and with home being in Kingsville, Mo., she was introduced to the Ronald McDonald House.

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Jordin’s mom came to Kansas City to help Jordin care for Wrenley so Nate could continue to work and take care of their house and dogs in Kingsville. Jordin and her mom stayed at the Ronald McDonald Family Room inside Children’s Mercy for nearly a month and then moved over to the Longfellow House. 

“There were some days, she was so critical we didn’t feel comfortable leaving her side, so we could walk over and grab lunch and put in some laundry … it was a huge, huge blessing to have that weight taken off and not to have to worry about anything,” said Jordin.

Wrenley was transplant-listed on June 1, and she remained on a ventilator because her heart was too enlarged to allow blood flow to the lungs. She had to be sedated to keep her machines working, so her family did what they could with physical therapy to continue to give her physical exercise. On August 8, at 6 months old, Wrenley got their heart call! Wrenley received the gift of life through a heart transplant and immediately started improving. 

Wrenley was able to join her parents at the Ronald McDonald House just 6 weeks post-transplant, where Children’s Mercy could keep a close eye on her and be just steps away.

“Wrenley was weaning off her medications, and some nights, she wouldn’t sleep at all. To be able to take her out to the rooftop garden at night, in a safe space with fresh air, and she would just calm right down. It was phenomenal for us,” said Jordin. 

Jordin and Nate finally got to take their little heart baby home to Kingsville on November 10, 2023 – 176 days after they checked in to RMHC-KC. Wrenley continues to surpass all her goals for growth and just celebrated her first birthday last week!

“We wouldn’t have been able to make it without the Ronald McDonald House,” said Jordin.